My Search For A Guitarist

Hey beautiful people,

Here’s the Craigslist ad that I recently posted. I am ready to find a musical partner and get out and play again. Who knows who reads my posts here, and maybe you are the one, or know the guitarist for me? I look forward to hearing from you.

Looking for masterful guitarist and/or multi-instrumentalist who wants to tour and reach large audiences. I am interested in starting a duo project that will add in a full band as things develop. I have released a CD and single in the last year as AnnieMac.

I have a lot of finished original material and a bunch more songs in progress. I’m looking for a new musical partner who really resonates with my music and my vision of success. They would learn my originals, do some song writing together, record, and then tour on the material.

I am passionate about music and have a foundation in late 60’s early 70’s material. I sang the blues in the Bay Area for several years before I started writing my own stuff.

As far as inspirations, I have many you can check out here: But right now, I love what Beast is doing:

I’d love to experiment, add electronic elements and mix up my sound into something different—alternative, electro, hip hop, trip-rock, R&B, Southern soul and blues mixed together.

If this sounds good to you, write about what your interests are, what your availability is please, and send me links to your playing. I am willing to travel to meet you.

All the best,



~ by anniemacmusic on June 6, 2009.

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