Annie McIntyre - AnnieMac

Annie McIntyre - AnnieMac

I am a creative intuitive, whose life work includes singing, writing, music, and changing rooms, both energetically and through design.

I live in Ashland Oregon, grew up in Mill Valley, California and am still finding my way through the world. I began singing at three and haven’t stopped. I have giant aspirations and love to challenge myself. Living on the edge intrigues me. I am a creature of possibilities. I seek, find and conquer – dreams, fears, and all that lies in between.

I have a a band – AnnieMac, a interior design firm – McIntyre Interiors, and a new company in the works that I can’t tell you about yet, but when I can, I will shout it from the roof tops.

I am married to Jeff Altemus of Altemus Design and Dive Deep Press. We have a dog and two cats.

You can find my music here:


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