So, No News Is Good News?

Hey Beautiful people,

So no news is good news right? We hope so!

I am not really built for patience, as most of my friends and loved ones would attest to.  I love to make up my mind and then just plunge in and do it. At least when it’s fun or challenging for me in a good way. Yes, I love adventure, even if it’s a loose and crazy plan, but facing the unknown in medical news – not so much. The sonogram showed two 7mm lumps next to each another. There is a two-day wait for diagnosis and then a possible two-month wait for another sonogram to see if anything changes shape…Visualize shrinkage!

I am grateful that I wasn’t whisked away into another test cycle. I really am. That said, I was quietly praying that they wouldn’t find anything there at all, that it just would have disappeared on its own.

Intellectually I know I will be fine. Emotionally it’s been a topsy-turvy ride. Up was down and down was up and…where am I exactly? Thankfully since starting this blog entry I am feeling better and more centered. And I know I will be fine. Really, I know it down deep.

And now for something completely different:

Musically I’ve had some new promising possibilities. I have a meeting on Thursday to do some songwriting with a new musical partner. More on this later if it pans out! I have continued to write up a storm on my own. I love being in the flow with my muse. And I look forward to collaboration again. I have missed it in a mighty way.

Kudos to my voice teacher Ken Orsow.  He is is amazing and I continue to learn so much from him. My voice is really changing and becoming a better instrument. Thank you Ken!

I enrolled for a music theory class at Berklee College of Music on-line this fall. I am excited! And will take a song writing class in January. It feels good to contemplate honing my musical knowledge.I start class in late September.

Travel: We have a trip to Montana and Glacier National Park in August, Rocky Mountain National Park in September, and more music in the Bay Area in late September as well as Nashville in October. Yea! My inner Sagittarius is a happy beast. I am excited to travel, spend time in the glory of nature and have fun with Jeff and our wonderful dog Bella.

I’ll let you know more when I know more. Thanks for listening!

Annie xox

~ by anniemacmusic on July 28, 2009.

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