A Potent Dream

I’ve been dreaming big dreams lately.

I’ve mentioned, things have changed a lot with me recently. I am changed and it feels like a truly beautiful thing. I went through loss,  grief and surrender and now excitement fills me. It bubbles away in my chest and occasionally pops out as a squeak of delight. I want to thank those of you that have contacted me with your support and belief in me. You are amazing and I really feel it.

So Monday night I had a great dream. Here it is –

I was walking down a sunny street in an old town, one that had history on its side. I could feel the age and layers of it, like I do when I am in New York. A really cute guy with a mustache and sort of 70’s vibe walked up next to me as I was striding down the street. He asked “Are you Annie from that band AnnieMac?” I said ya. He said, “I don’t want to bother you, but what’s going on with your band?” I told him that were broken up, or on hiatus, well really we’ve broken up.“

He said, “this is going to sound really weird, but can I see your hand?” We are walking down the sidewalk shoulder to shoulder at this point. I handed him my left hand. He started to look at it like a palm reader does, and he begins to get more and more excited. He asks me some questions about what’s going on with my music career. I told him that I was passionate,  dedicated and directed to music and take it as big as I can. He said, “Oh, you can make miracles happen, I know it, you can make miracles happen.

He then told me he was a musician and asked me to come to his rehearsal with him, and I did. After arriving we started talking with his band.  There was a woman there that was a little distant; they had me look at their rug which was a hand made silk carpet in an oriental made by a friend of theirs. It was beautiful but it didn’t feel as soft as I thought it would be being silk. It was silver and light blue.

Suddenly the dream switched locations and I was with Denise Byron. She said “pick up your talismans,” there was a selection of them on my dresser top (small beads and carved animal figures) She said “shake them up and chose one” I did, the one I chose was a black bird, sort of like crow or a raven, it was a Japanese “Karasu” (in waking life I’d never heard this word before)
Denise then said “these birds build their chi next by getting next to a fire” In my minds eye I saw a small flock of large black birds warming themselves and renewing their energy next to a bonfire on a beach at night.

I awoke full of hope and excitement feeling like my subconscious and my consciousness are now in perfect alignment. Anything feel possible. In the dream this musician and I walked down the street, stride for stride shoulder to shoulder, he, understanding my power to achieve and drive to do so. It felt great to be seen, to be matched energetically, to have someone want to work with me,  and to have someone else carry their own share of magic and potency too.

Since then, I’ve received a bunch of emails from friends both in and out of the music industry with contacts or suggestions for musicians in other areas that would be a great match for me to work with.  I am excited and full of desire to experiment and have fun creating new music with new people.

Annie xox

~ by anniemacmusic on April 14, 2009.

One Response to “A Potent Dream”

  1. Holy Karasu! Annie, thank you so much for sharing your dream! I agree with your other commenter, the more you share the better. I love what you bring forward. You give light to ideas, creativity, and love. You are precious. I love the dream! I think it’s great advice!! Guess those guided visualizations work! 🙂

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