Design – the other part of my life

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Hello Beautiful People,

As I’ve said before, music has always had my heart. Ever since I was three I knew I had to sing, but the counter balance to that has constantly been design. My dad built and fixed up houses, and I grew up with an eye for how a house is put together and how it can reflect its occupant’s soul. I am fascinated with design and passionate about color. As well as excited about how your environment can support you and the way you live in your space.

My main focus was music for the last several years. Because of the current music hiatus I am on, I now I have the time to teach some design classes again with my new design partner Tashina Wilkinson. She has an excellent eye, and we compliment each other in sharing design and color techniques.

Here is the flier, if any of you are local and interested– please sign up for one of our classes. If you aren’t local, Tashina and I would be happy to travel to facilitate a class for you and your friends. There are opportunities to get a room redesigned in your house during class. It’s a fun hands-on class. My awesome husband designed this flier – Jeff Altemus at align visual arts & Check out his beautiful portfolio! I am so proud of the work he is doing.

real interior design

All the best,

Annie xox


Music, Inspiration & Desire

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Hey beautiful people,

It’s the Thursday after the Sunday that I broke down and cried.  Her voice was so natural and beautiful, and the warm sun on the fairgrounds filtered through the shade structure, and it all touched my heart. The crowd sang along to the gospel music at the High Sierra Music Festival. I was amongst them – Inger and Jeff and I swayed in time and sang along with the crowd.

And longing struck so deep inside of me. The gap so clearly defined between where I am and where I want to be with my music. I filled with tears. Tears of appreciation for what I was hearing, tears of frustration for not having what I long for in the core of my being. Tears of anger that I don’t have my band anymore. Tears of joy that I have a voice. Tears of understanding I need to make some big changes in my life to facilitate my music career.

I drove over to the river at Spanish Fork and washed away my tears.  I asked the river spirits to wash me clean and its cool wet beauty carried me to a better space. I sat in the water it’s current passing over me; the sun kissed my shoulders and warmed my body. I felt new and clean and determined to find a way to reach my audience again. To write songs that move people and touch hearts. I feel I must lean out further and ask more of myself and find a kindred music partner and writer to work with.

I loved the High Sierra Music Festival. It was beautifully organized. There were some fabulous musicians and I had a blast. If you’ve never been  – consider it for next year. Great music, food, and stages both large and small. I especially liked ALO – they rocked! Alice DiMicele was awesome. She played with my friend, the incredible Jeff Pevar. He sat in with many of the bands and his virtuosity and versatility continue to totally amaze me. Wow!

As far as the practical – I am looking at taking some songwriting classes from Berklee School of Music. I am auditioning new songwriting partners. I am going to the Bay Area more often to sit in with bands. I am honing my vocal skills with my voice teacher and I am excited and passionate and full of desire for music and performing.

Being the channel

Being the channel

I hope this finds you well,

With love,


Clear Water Lyrics

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Clear Water

Suddenly the seasons catching up with me
I can feel it in the air pushin up close to me
Summers sighed her last breath in a ragged breeze
Smokey clouds gather low
Come rain on me

Hard slap of rainfall, it’s taking me, it’s taking me down
I’m going under feel like I could, feel I wanta drown
All the parts of me that are scared and frayed
All the bits of me that are poorly made
All the scraps of me that are weak and afraid

I used to roam free like the wild horses do
Never had a problem deciding what to do
I was tempered with a lush and fearless heart
Thunder roll off my skin, and let the rain start

Hard slap of rainfall, it’s taking me, it’s taking me down
I’m going under, feel like I could, feel I wanna drown
All the parts of me that are scared and frayed
All the bits of me that are poorly made
All the scraps of me that are weak and afraid

Clear water wash me clean
Saturate me in your stream
My life could start anew
In the sparkle of morning dew

Images strike like a strobe light in the night
A tear, a trace, a smile lit face flashing so bright
I’m traveling through the storm towards the sun
Lighting shadows dance, please let the rain come

Hard slap of rainfall, it’s taking me, it’s taking me down
I’m going under, feel like I could, feel I wanna drown
All the parts of me that are scared and frayed
All the bits of me that are poorly made
All the scraps of me that are weak and afraid
All the fears that I hide and have yet to face
All the times I’ve fallen fast from grace
All the tears that I’ve saved and have yet to cry
All the times I’ve had to say goodbye

Clear water wash me clean
Saturate me in your stream
My life will start anew in the sparkle of morning dew
La la la la la…


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Here’s a poem I wrote for a poetry slam back in 2004. I found while digging through my computer files and thought I’d share it with you.


Thwap the brush swings wildly
It slaps across my body

I can still hear the way the front door opened
It slaps against my heart

I can still hear the way the front door opened
Not a word has crossed my lips

I can still hear the front door open
Before she flings her anger like an overloaded brush
Splattering, slathering, splashing

Her vivid red and blackened palette
Indiscriminately and without hesitation

Flinging it against the soul of her children, soiling, staining, running
The bristles sting and seethe and drip with her sharpened tongue

With abandon and anger her brush tars and coats and strokes
Blackening the horizon, reddening the eyes, closing the throat
Her brush pushing and edging in for confrontation

For release
For the unburdening of shoulders piled high with anger

For an adversary provoked and thus worthy of her wrath
She pushes her brush to lick and lick and lick

Until the thick coats of anger blister and peel in sheer rebellion from over application
I can still hear the way the front door opened

Stop I am a child. Stop I am a child. Stop I am your child

– A. McIntyre. 5.25.2004

My Search For A Guitarist

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Hey beautiful people,

Here’s the Craigslist ad that I recently posted. I am ready to find a musical partner and get out and play again. Who knows who reads my posts here, and maybe you are the one, or know the guitarist for me? I look forward to hearing from you.

Looking for masterful guitarist and/or multi-instrumentalist who wants to tour and reach large audiences. I am interested in starting a duo project that will add in a full band as things develop. I have released a CD and single in the last year as AnnieMac.

I have a lot of finished original material and a bunch more songs in progress. I’m looking for a new musical partner who really resonates with my music and my vision of success. They would learn my originals, do some song writing together, record, and then tour on the material.

I am passionate about music and have a foundation in late 60’s early 70’s material. I sang the blues in the Bay Area for several years before I started writing my own stuff.

As far as inspirations, I have many you can check out here: But right now, I love what Beast is doing:

I’d love to experiment, add electronic elements and mix up my sound into something different—alternative, electro, hip hop, trip-rock, R&B, Southern soul and blues mixed together.

If this sounds good to you, write about what your interests are, what your availability is please, and send me links to your playing. I am willing to travel to meet you.

All the best,



A Question Of Travel

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Hello beautiful people,

It’s been a while and I thought I’d catch you up on what I am up to these days. It’s my first summer off in years!  I am doing some traveling with my husband, spending time tending my garden, writing songs and putting together a new venture with three business partners that centers around peer coaching and manifesting success for women. The business will start beta testing in June – it’s very exciting and I’ll let you know more about it as soon as I can. And I am missing music in a big, big way!

Here is the big question I want some help with – If I were to travel to Nashville, Austin, San Francisco, Portland and Los Angeles and wanted to meet some amazing musicians and people in the music business, who would you introduce me to? Or if there is someone in this area think I should meet – let me know that too!

If you have contacts and think we might be interested in meeting one another, please send me their information! And feel free to pass mine along to them. Here is my web site –

I am planning a road trip with a purpose this summer. I am seeking creative experiences with music and possibly a new writing partnership. I’ve been thinking about starting a duo, or maybe another band, but with some changes. On this trip, I’d love to jam, sit in with some bands, try my hand at writing with some new musicians, sing back ups, go to some open mics, record, play and have fun and create!

I think I still want to be based in the Rogue Valley of southern Oregon, but I am open to change and am in the exploring phase of my idea. If I find creative bliss coupled with the right feel I may move cities, but the Rogue Valley has something special. I love my community and friends here, so who knows? In the mean time exploring seems like the right thing to do!

I hope all is well with all of you and that you are enjoying some great music this summer.

Thanks for all your help and support. I look forward to hearing your ideas!

Much love,

Annie McIntyre


Settling in for change

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I have been feeling deeply reflective these days, and slower paced. I’ve been pondering the patterns I’ve created in my life and really looking into them to see what’s worked and what hasn’t; there is a lot to look at. It feels like an opportunity for growth and change, as if I am readying myself for a leap forward into unknown territory. Kinda unsettling, exciting, and a bit scary.

It’s been a few weeks now without my band and I am settling in to the new reality. In some ways I feel really free and unshackled. It’s amazing to consider a summer off, the first in four and a half years. But, I have to say I do miss the routine of songwriting and rehearsal. And I do miss my old band mates.

My new idea is to explore the idea of working with just one other musician as a duo. The more I think about it, the more I like it. You see, I always thought I needed a big band to be big myself. What I mean is, that I have a large voice and personality. I thought I needed all that sound and energy to fully inhabit myself on stage. And now I am now not sure that’s true. The idea of pairing down and still being able to fully inhabit myself is really intriguing to me, like a new way to test myself. I am looking forward to finding the right connection with the right guitarist. If you have any suggestions, I am open to them! In the meantime I am going to do a bit of song exploration with the amazing Jeff Pevar, and Charley Lanusse. I can’t wait to see what we come up with.

In more mundane matters, I have gotten some things done around the house – cleaned out all the closets, had a garage sale and planted my vegetable garden.

Jeff, my husband, and I leave next week for a trip to the Bay Area and then Florida.  I may also do a road trip this summer to check out the music scenes in LA, Portland, Austin and Nashville to see who’s out there and what they are doing.

Well, I gotta go do my daily hike and get my day going. Thanks for listening!

Annie xox