Design – the other part of my life

Hello Beautiful People,

As I’ve said before, music has always had my heart. Ever since I was three I knew I had to sing, but the counter balance to that has constantly been design. My dad built and fixed up houses, and I grew up with an eye for how a house is put together and how it can reflect its occupant’s soul. I am fascinated with design and passionate about color. As well as excited about how your environment can support you and the way you live in your space.

My main focus was music for the last several years. Because of the current music hiatus I am on, I now I have the time to teach some design classes again with my new design partner Tashina Wilkinson. She has an excellent eye, and we compliment each other in sharing design and color techniques.

Here is the flier, if any of you are local and interested– please sign up for one of our classes. If you aren’t local, Tashina and I would be happy to travel to facilitate a class for you and your friends. There are opportunities to get a room redesigned in your house during class. It’s a fun hands-on class. My awesome husband designed this flier – Jeff Altemus at align visual arts & Check out his beautiful portfolio! I am so proud of the work he is doing.

real interior design

All the best,

Annie xox

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