Music, Inspiration & Desire

Hey beautiful people,

It’s the Thursday after the Sunday that I broke down and cried.  Her voice was so natural and beautiful, and the warm sun on the fairgrounds filtered through the shade structure, and it all touched my heart. The crowd sang along to the gospel music at the High Sierra Music Festival. I was amongst them – Inger and Jeff and I swayed in time and sang along with the crowd.

And longing struck so deep inside of me. The gap so clearly defined between where I am and where I want to be with my music. I filled with tears. Tears of appreciation for what I was hearing, tears of frustration for not having what I long for in the core of my being. Tears of anger that I don’t have my band anymore. Tears of joy that I have a voice. Tears of understanding I need to make some big changes in my life to facilitate my music career.

I drove over to the river at Spanish Fork and washed away my tears.  I asked the river spirits to wash me clean and its cool wet beauty carried me to a better space. I sat in the water it’s current passing over me; the sun kissed my shoulders and warmed my body. I felt new and clean and determined to find a way to reach my audience again. To write songs that move people and touch hearts. I feel I must lean out further and ask more of myself and find a kindred music partner and writer to work with.

I loved the High Sierra Music Festival. It was beautifully organized. There were some fabulous musicians and I had a blast. If you’ve never been  – consider it for next year. Great music, food, and stages both large and small. I especially liked ALO – they rocked! Alice DiMicele was awesome. She played with my friend, the incredible Jeff Pevar. He sat in with many of the bands and his virtuosity and versatility continue to totally amaze me. Wow!

As far as the practical – I am looking at taking some songwriting classes from Berklee School of Music. I am auditioning new songwriting partners. I am going to the Bay Area more often to sit in with bands. I am honing my vocal skills with my voice teacher and I am excited and passionate and full of desire for music and performing.

Being the channel

Being the channel

I hope this finds you well,

With love,


~ by anniemacmusic on July 9, 2009.

One Response to “Music, Inspiration & Desire”

  1. Your words touch me deeply and your heart is so big and so full and so capable, it is merely a matter of ‘when’, not a matter of ‘if”. Your longing fuels the magic that can heal the world!

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