All things must change

Change is inevitable… – Benjamin Disraeli

So, here’s what’s true, change came and I wasn’t ready for it. Are any of us really ready? Change is constantly happening all around us, and sometimes one can pretend it doesn’t happen to them. Only it does.

My band AnnieMac is now officially on hiatus and will have to be reborn in another configuration. I’ve cried, I’ve railed and now I am trying on acceptance. I think it fits me.

I’ve been deeply entrenched in the process of reevaluation of pretty much everything -my band, my life, my work, my relationship, and my housing and geographical location. It all felt somewhat up for grabs. Yet there is now a spark of possibility and a space to breath into. I am trying my best to see it all as a grand opportunity that things happen for a reason.

So what does a lead singer do with out a band? This one keeps singing and writing and she plans to fulfill her promise.


~ by anniemacmusic on April 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “All things must change”

  1. Annie, thank you for sharing from your heart! Change can bring out the best and worst. 🙂 You are navigating gracefully and your words are inspiring!

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